Travel Medical Insurance

Accidents and unforeseen illnesses do occur. And, once we pass our years as teens and young adults, the odds of having an accident or unexpected illness increases. A slip, a fall, a broken bone, they happen. Prior planning and appropriate insurance are the best ways to protect your health—and your bank accounts—when traveling overseas. Medical insurance and assistance for overseas travelers can be as important as your passport, at a price that’s less than dinner for two.

When planning a vacation or business trip overseas, check with your health insurance provider to determine what’s covered. With limited exceptions in Canada and Mexico, Medicare does not cover health care costs outside of the United States.

We offer a variety of travel medical plan choices through HCC Medical Insurance Services (Atlas Travel), Petersen International and Wallach & Company Inc.

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance Services

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International: Short-term international health products for groups and individuals traveling outside of their home country

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Domestic: A competitive domestic short-term health insurance plan, underwritten and administered by HCC Life Insurance Company, for individuals and families residing in the United States

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Wallach & Co Plan Options:

Health Care Abroad:
Short term medical insurance, medical evacuation, and international assistance for Americans traveling overseas.

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Health Care America:
Short term medical insurance and assistance for foreign nationals visiting the USA.

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Health Care Global:
Medical insurance & assistance for Americans & foreign nationals traveling outside their home countries to destinations other than the United States.

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Health Care International:
International medical insurance and assistance for persons living outside their Home Country.

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Petersen International offers:

US Away - for people traveling or temporarily residing outside the US.

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